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Supporting the BVI After Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma struck the BVI on September 7th, 2017, causing widespread devastation to local communities and the natural environment. Recorded as the strongest hurricane in Atlantic history, the impact was immense and relief efforts were critical. Since Hurricane Irma, Unite BVI, Virgin Unite and Virgin Limited Edition have committed over $3.8M USD to charitable projects and initiatives across the BVI, including $2.8M USD of the BVI Community Support Appeal funds. Virgin Unite and Unite BVI continue to work hard to identify further projects that support the long-term recovery, and to allocate the remaining BVI Community Support Appeal funds in the most efficient and effective way.

BVI after Irma destructionBVI after Irma relief efforts

In the immediate aftermath of Irma, we were heavily involved in relief efforts: building resilient schools, homes and community spaces, and providing opportunities to the children and families who lost everything. The funds dedicated to immediate hurricane relief efforts and the incredible partnerships formed allowed to provide a professional disaster response, support for critical infrastructure, emergency relief aid and to distribute ​supplies ​to vulnerable communities, housing repairs, transportation of shelter boxes, a free lunch programme and ​delivery of Christmas ​gifts to school children.

Since then our focus has been on the long-term recovery of the islands, by supporting the government’s vision of building a “stronger, smarter, greener, better BVI”.

We continue to develop projects around the same four focus areas to assist the long term reconstruction of the BVI: Community, Education, Entrepreneurship and Environment.

Thank you!

Thank you for your unwavering support towards the BVI Community Support Appeal. Without you, a lot of our work would not have been possible.

We have now closed the BVI Community Support Appeal, which was opened in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane’s Irma and Maria to support the long term recovery of the BVI. However, if you would like to support ongoing efforts in the BVI you can find out how to donate here, or you can make a donation to our parent charity Virgin Unite in the UK or its associated charity Virgin Unite USA - for more information please email or Virgin Unite (please note this is subject to T&Cs).